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In 1933 Franz Jannach senior proudly founded his own company in the best wooded area of Austria, namely Upper Styria. Right from the beginning, he specialized in the cutting of larch round wood. His vision was to use a building material which is unique, constantly growing and which has a sustainable positive impact on our climate.

The company Jannach is located in Thalheim in Styria amidst the best larch growing areas of Austria. We are proud of our location because Austrian quality is important to us. For more than 80 years we have been processing Austrian larch exclusively, as we place great value on tradition.

The short distance from the procurement to the processing is very important to us because a professional approach to working with all materials, responsibility, sustainability (PEFC-certificate) and environmental protection are our top priorities. Moreover we only use mountain larch from the surrounding areas – long transportation routes are being successfully avoided in order to assure best product quality!

Using the latest equipment and an advanced technology combined with many years of experience and the best know-how of our 40 employees, we enjoy a positive, national and international reputation. Larch makes you happy!

Each year we process approximately 20.000 cubic meters round wood in the sawmill and approx. 10.000 cubic meters of larch wood in the moulding factory. We look forward to creating something new together with our clients, because we believe wood is an expression of individual style and personality.

Our very special raw material: the larch wood.

What makes the mountain larch particularly suitable? It is the heaviest, hardest and most durable softwood. Highest resistance is therefore guaranteed! The Styrian mountain larch, which we are processing, grows 1.000 meters above sea level and has an average lifetime of 150 years. But not all sorts of larch are the same: our mountain larch is qualitatively superior to the "lowlands larch”, which grows for example in Germany or in the Czech Republic. The Styrian larch grows in the mountains of Styria and Carinthia and is extremely weather resistant due to slow growth and high resin content.

In addition, the larch wood does not warp so easily and is suitable for outdoor use, even without chemical wood protection. This creates an excellent price-performance ratio.

The beautiful reddish-brown color of our larch guarantees a unique look and a striking texture. Left untreated a larch facade receives a fine, silver-gray coloring over the years.

Our company is your competent contact when it comes to high-quality wood construction: respecting wood as a natural resource, we produce individually and beautifully designed pieces. We provide full satisfaction for our customers – business to business as well as business to customer.




Jannach Ges.m.b.H

Thalheimerstraße 27

A-8754 Thalheim

Tel: +43 (0) 3579 2382

Fax: +43 (0) 3579 2252

E-mail: are-info-xya34[at]


Jannach Lärchenholz GmbH

Thalheimerstraße 53

A-8754 Thalheim

Tel: +43 (0) 3579 20555-0

Fax: +43 (0) 3579 20555-55

E-mail: are-office-xya34[at]




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